Born: 10.6.2023

ACD Lisi

BAER bilateral hearing, Scissor bite - full dention


Hudsons Burning Star Nhat Willowpark Bush Tribute Willowpark Red Rebel Jellevada Soldiers Blade
Adavale Peggy Sue
Barkingpines Red Nose Bendiboy Firecracker
Willowpark Red Rain
Hudsons Blue Lady Legend Lives On Buzzards Big Hoss Brokenhearts Hollywood Nights
Buzzards Shocken' Goanna
Buzzards Lady In Blue Queblue Epsilon Bootes
Buzzards Strawberry Twist
Austmans Fantasmic Nhat Austmans Finn McMissile Austmans Cor Blimmey Windwarrior's Horse Whisperer Of Austmans
Valley Of The Wind's A Fool for you by Austmans
Austmans Sally Carrera Austmans Ground Control
Garregddu By Jingos By Austmans
Winddrover Crash The Party At Austmans Turella Red Draco Turrella Red Dragon
Turrella Red Annieoakley
Frosted Fame Blue Tatoo Outback Maverick Tom of The Seven Hills Country
Turrella Rose Tattoo


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