How did I get to this breed?

     At first I met this breed in film. I really liked this dog from film. He was very beautiful with charming gaze. He had strong personality. Then I watched another film and I saw him in there again.
     I started finding more information about this breed. I liked what I read about him. I comunited with experienced breeders and I asked for more information and their experience and about life with a cattle dog. I said to myself: ''Yes, I want this dog!''
     My love began when I buy my first blue puppy - Miley. She was perfect. She likes cooperate with me in all activities. I was very pleased with her. So I bought another puppy - Thori. It was very funny to have two of these. Third female - Abbie I found random, when I scrolling internet. I loved her at first glance, so I bought her. 
     At that time I worked at farm and I was herding cows with them. Then I got another job at farm with sheeps. I was herding sheeps with them. They are amazing for it too. At that time I bought another female for my team - Chira.
     My first male dog was Jerom.
     The beginning of the year 2019 I decided, that I would keep two females from my litters - Brocky and Pikachu. 
     Our family was great. At the end of the year 2019 our family extended with two another males - Demon and Ryuk.
     I love my dogs and life with them is wonderful, sometimes not easy, but I love them. They are my family and the best friends forever.

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