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Our kennel is dedicated to breed Australian cattle dog. It was bred from dingo to herd cattle on a long distances and wide spaces in extreme Australian climate.
 Movement, fast reaction, health and power are main signs of this breed.
 Australian cattle dog is strong and resilient dog. It is very intelligent and likes to learn new things, but at the same time they are stubborn.
 Australian cattle dog is distrustful of strangers and he often doesn‘t like, when strangers touch him. Although they are great guard dogs.
 Australian cattle dog will likely follow his owner everywhere and he likes to help him in every kind of situation.
 The breed needs consistent, upbringing, training and socialization, so Australian cattle dog might not be a good choice for everybody. If you want be owner of this breed, it is very important to reconsider, whether you are able to provide proper physical and mental development and training.
 The goal of our kennel is to breed dogs with ideal genetic health, look and excellent temperament, which is the standard of Australian cattle dogs.



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